Winter Event 2011 Edit

The map is CLOSED.
It was open from around 8th Feb 2011 until around 19th Feb 2011.

To be able to go the the winter event map, go to north in ipcus and buy Ice Highway Ticket from the Ice Highway Patrol. You can use this ticket to teleport to the wintermap ( Ice Highway ).
Ice Highway Patrol

North of Ice Highway is the entrance to Snowtree
North of Snowtree is the entrance to... ( .. EXP sold map)
East of Snowtree is the entrance to Wintersville

The Quests during Winter EventEdit

Ice Highway Edit

Who What Reward
Timmy Give 5x Coal 1000 EXP, 10x Timmy's Cookies
Tammy Give Mr. Teddyverse 1000 EXP, 10x Tammy's Cookies
Shifty Salesman Give 20x Soloot Ale Snow Boots

Snowtree Edit

Who What Reward
Mildred Fitzsimmons Give Chocolate Powder, Marshmallows, Empty Mug, Liquid Flame 500 EXP, Mug of Hot Chocolate
Granny Smith Give Mug of Hot Chocolate Steamy Mug
Vengeful Victor Give 5xRed Slime Ball, 5xGreen Slime Ball, 5xBlue Slime Ball, 5xCoal, Slimeman Top Hat Snowface
Kind Jenny
Lonely Traveler Give Sentimental Card Yellow Snowface
Cafetaria Lady Listen to her story 1000 EXP
Grumpy Gerald
Constance Longfellow Give Warm Winter Hat Slime Muffs

Wintersville Edit

Who What Reward
Old Miss Mary Kill 20x Imp Wizard The Imp Catcher
Vengeful Tonnie Give 20x Puppet String Puppet Torcher
Caterer Give Punchet Undercooked Winter Ham
Cute Little Girl Give Miss Molly Mini (Item) Fake Jewelry
Untidy Little Boy
Delivery Man Give Boy Doll Item, Girl Doll Item, Box of Toys Slime Earmuffs
Elder Bennie Kill Puppet Master

The items during Winter EventEdit

For a list of items that can be obtained during the Winter Event, please check the following Category: Winter Event 2011 Items

The NPCs during Winter EventEdit

Please check the Category: Winter Event 2011 NPC

Monsters in Winter Event Edit

Normal MonstersEdit

Level Image Monster Name Area
1 Chubby Boy Chubby Boy Snowtree
1 Little Girl Little Girl Snowtree
10 Orphan Boy Orphan Boy Snowtree
13 Orphan Girl Orphan Girl Snowtree
15 Weak Slimeman Weak Slimeman Ice Highway, Snowtree
15 Sky Imp Sky Imp Wintersville
15 Imp Wizard Imp Wizard Wintersville
25 Slimeman Slimeman Ice Highway, Snowtree
25 Wereteddy Wereteddy Ice Highway
30 Boy Doll Boy Doll Wintersville
30 Girl Doll Girl Doll Wintersville
30 Toy Box Toy Box Wintersville
37 Strong Slimeman Strong Slimeman Snowtree

Monster BossesEdit

Level Image Monster Name Location Area
15 Tiny Tucker Trouble Tiny Tucker Trouble n.a. Wintersville
15 Miss Molly Mini Miss Molly Mini n.a. Wintersville
30 Crazy Flyer Crazy Flyer n.a. Wintersville
50 Puppet Master Puppet Master n.a. Wintersville