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Class & Character Specific WeaponsEdit

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Table overviewEdit

Here is a listing of weapons that is equipable by all classes.

The items that are obtained via Credits are listed at the end of this page, click here

Level Picture Sort Name Stats How
1 Crummy Stick Picture One-Handed Blunt Crummy Stick 10-10, 0.8sec Vendor
1 One-Handed Pierce Not So Special Boom 5-5, 1sec, Effect:Anniversary Fireworks(5%) Chance to shoot off fireworks on an attack that hits it's target Event
1 One-Handed Blunt Weighted Stick 12-12, 1sec, HP+3, Str+1, Sta+1 Quest
5 Steamy Mug Picture One-Handed Sword Steamy Mug 14-14, 1sec Event
6 Dead Snake Picture One-Handed Sword Dead Snake
Dead Snake Enchantments
11-11, 1sec, Str+1 Drop
7 Dark Dagger Picture One-Handed Pierce Dark Dagger 13-13, 0.9sec, Mana+2, Dex+2 Craft
10 Farmers Pick Picture One-Handed Blunt Farmers Pick 12-12, 1.2sec, Sta+1 Vendor
10 Dead Sea Snake Picture One-Handed Blunt Dead Sea Snake 12-12, 1sec, Str+1, Sta+1, Int+1, Dex+1 Quest
10 Chicken Leg Picture One-Handed Sword Chicken Leg
Chicken Leg Enchantments
13-13, 1sec, Str+2 Drop
13 Simplistic Torch Picture One-Handed Blunt Simplistic Torch
Simplistic Torch Enchantments
12-12, 1.1sec, Str+1, Dex+1, not mystic or priest Drop
13 The Imp Catcher Picture One-Handed Sword The Imp Catcher 20-20, 0.9sec, HP+30, Mana+30, Str+3, Sta+3, Int+3, EartRes+2 Event
20 Puppet Torcher Picture One-Handed Blunt Puppet Torcher 25-25, 0.9sec, HP+50, Mana+50, Str+4, Sta+4, Int+4, Dex+2, Effect:Fire(15%) decreases HP by 10 Event
20 Super Heart Staff Picture Two-Handed Pierce Super Heart Staff 17-17, 1sec, 12 AR, HP+80, Mana+90, Str+1, Sta+2, SpiRes+15 Event
30 Lesser Pumpkin Staff Picture Two-Handed Blunt Lesser Pumpkin Staff 18-18, 1sec, 10 AR, HP+25, Mana+25, Str+3, Sta+3, Int+3, Dex+3, FireWatEartAirSpiRes+3 Event
30 Undercooked Winter Ham Picture One-Handed Blunt Undercooked Winter Ham 28-28, 1sec, HP+50, Mana+60, Str+5, Sta+6, Int+5, Dex+3, WatRes+1,EartRes+2,SpiRes+5 Event
40 Balloon Sword Picture One-Handed Sword Balloon Sword 15-15, 1sec, Str+1 Quest
40 Greasy Giant Butter Knife Picture Two-Handed Sword Greasy Giant Butter Knife 20-20, 1sec, HP+50, Mana+50, Sta+5, FireRes+5 Quest
40 Grave Keeper Picture Two-Handed Blunt Grave Keeper
Grave Keeper Enchantments
24-24, 1sec, SpiRes+4 Drop
42 Superior Lightened Broadsword Picture One-Handed Sword Superior Lightened Broadsword 23-23, 1.1sec, HP+25, Mana+5, Str+3, Sta+3, not mystic Craft
50 Ghostly Blade Picture One-Handed Sword Ghostly Blade 48-48, 1.1sec, HP+300, Mana+1000, Str+5, Dex+10, SpiRes+10, SpellDmg+3% Event

Table Overview Credit ItemsEdit

These items are obtained via Credits

Level Picture Sort Name Stats
1 Scratch Picture One-Handed Sword Scratch 15-15, 1sec, HP+15, Mana+15
1 Pointy Metal Picture One-Handed Sword Pointy Metal 17-17, 0.9sec, HP+25, Mana+40, Str+5, Int+3
1 Sanguine Chaos Picture One-Handed Sword Sanguine Chaos 18-18, 1sec, HP+60, Mana+60, Sta+5, FireRes+5
1 Classic Blade Picture One-Handed Sword Classic Blade 20-20, 0.9sec, HP+50, Mana+50, Str+7, Sta+5, Int+1
1 Saol Sword Picture One-Handed Sword Saol Sword 22-22, 1sec, HP+55, Mana+55, Str+6, Sta+5, FireRes+3
1 Celestial Wand Picture One-Handed Sword Celestial Wand 24-24, 0.9sec, HP+100, Mana+100, Str+3, Sta+2, Int+4, Dex+3, Tick:HP+50& mana+50, SpellDmg+3%
1 Turbine Chaos Picture One-Handed Sword Turbine Chaos 25-25, 1sec, HP+100, Mana+100, Str+7, Sta+7, MeleeCrit+5%
25 Miwa Fan Picture One-Handed Sword Miwa Fan 18-18, 0.7Sec, HP+100, Mana+150, Str+4, SpellDmg+5%
25 Chikara Fan Picture One-Handed Sword Chikara Fan 18-18, 0.7Sec, HP+150, Mana+100, Str+4, MeleeDmg+7%
25 Cotton Swab Picture Two-Handed Pierce Cotton Swab 34-34, 1sec, HP+200, Mana+200, Str+5, Sta+5, Int+5, Dex+5
35 Skeletal Blade Picture Two-Handed Sword Skeletal Blade 31-31, 1.2sec, HP+500, Mana+500, Str+9, Sta+9, Int+9, Dex+9 , SpiRes+7
40 Swift Falchion Picture One-Handed Sword Swift Falchion 30-30, 0.8sec, HP+400, Mana+250, Str+15, Dex+10, MeleeCrit+7%, MeleeDmg+5%