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Table overviewEdit

Level Picture Sort Name Stats How
7 Plain Gold Ring Picture Rings Plain Gold Ring 1 AR, HP+5, Sta+1, SpiRes+3 Vendor
7 Feet Plain Leather Shoes
Plain Leather Shoes Enchantments
10 AR, HP+10, Str+1 Vendor
8 Pink Gloves Picture Hands Pink Gloves 5 AR, Str+1 Vendor
10 Cow Skull Picture Head Cow Skull
Cow Skull Enchantments
HP+10 Drop
10 Swordsman Belt Picture Belt Swordsman Belt 7 AR, HP+4, Str+1 Vendor
10 Blood Gloves Picture Hands Blood Gloves 8 AR, Sta+2 Vendor
12 Plain Leather Pauldrons Picture Shoulders Plain Leather Pauldrons 10 AR, HP+25, Str+2 Vendor
12 Bronze Armor Picture Body Bronze Armor 20 AR, HP+9, Str+2, Sta+1 Vendor
13 Charred Ring Picture Ring Charred Ring
Charred Ring Enchantments
5 AR, HP+10, Sta+20 Drop
15 Gown of the Swordsman Picture Body Gown of the Swordsman 23 AR, HP+23, Str+4, Sta+1 Vendor
15 Rusty Armor Picture Body Rusty Armor 23 AR, HP+23, Str+4, Sta+2 Vendor
15 Guilty Gloves Picture Hands Guilty Gloves 10 AR, Sta+3 Vendor
15 Gold Bracers Picture Ring Gold Bracers 7 AR, HP+15, Mana+5, Str+1 Vendor
15 Star Shield Picture Shield Star Shield 5 AR Vendor
15 Hardened Leather Swordsman Pants Picture Legs Hardened Leather Swordsman Pants 23 AR, HP+23, Str+4, Sta+1 Vendor
15 Tall Boots Picture Feet Tall Boots 15 AR, HP+35, Str+3 Craft
17 Angry Gloves Picture Hands Angry Gloves 12 AR, HP+10, Str+1, Sta+3 Vendor
18 Polished Wooden Shield Picture Shield Polished Wooden Shield 16 AR, HP+10, Mana+10, Sta+2, FireRes+6 Craft
20 Swordsman Chain Picture Necklace Swordsman Chain 13 AR, HP+20, Str+1, Sta+1, SpiRes+1 Vendor
20 Golden Pauldrons Picture Shoulders Golden Pauldrons 20 AR, HP+50, Str+3 Vendor
20 Baby Slime Picture Shield Baby Slime
Baby Slime Enchantments
10 AR Drop
25 Obsidian Pauldrons Picture Shoulders Obsidian Pauldrons
Obsidian Pauldrons Enchantments
25 AR, HP+75, Str+4 Craft
25 Baby Fire Slime Picture Shield Baby Fire Slime
Baby Fire Slime Enchantments
20 AR, FireRes+5 Drop
25 Swordsmans Guardian Picture Shield Swordsmans Guardian
Swordsmans Guardian Enchantments
40 AR, HP+25, Str+5, Def+5% Drop
25 Cactus Skin Pants Picture Legs Cactus Skin Pants 30 AR, HP+45, Str+8, Sta+2 Vendor
25 Cactus Skin Boots Picture Feet Cactus Skin Boots 23 AR, HP+38, Str+5, Sta+2 Vendor
30 Swordsman Pauldrons Picture Shoulders Swordsman Pauldrons 16 AR, HP+35, Str+2, Sta+3, AirRes+1, SpiRes+1 Vendor
34 Lost Shield Picture Shield Lost Shield
Lost Shield Enchantments
24 AR, HP+76, Dex+7, Tick>HP+55 Drop
35 Armored Skull Picture Head Armored Skull 30 AR, HP+40, Str+6, Sta+3 Vendor
35 Solid Chestplate Picture Body Solid Chestplate 52 AR, HP+60, Str+9, Sta+5 Vendor
39 Mutated Pauldrons Picture Shoulders Mutated Pauldrons
Mutated Pauldrons Enchantments
45 AR, HP+75, Str+10 Drop
39 Mutated Armor Picture Body Mutated Armor
Mutated Armor Enchantments
50 AR, HP+70, Mana+10, Str+10, Sta+4, WatRes+5 Drop
40 Reinforced Cloak Picture Back Reinforced Cloak 25 AR, HP+50, Str+3, Sta+3, WaterRes+2, SpiRes+2 Vendor
43 Performing Skull Picture Shield Performing Skull
Performing Skull Enchantments
90 AR, Str+1, Sta+5, FireRes+7 Drop
45 Kitsune Mask Picture Head Kitsune Mask
Kitsune Mask Enchantments
75 AR, HP+185, Str+15, Sta+8, Dex+3, SpiRes+9 Drop
45 Iado Shirt Picture Body Iado Shirt
Iado Shirt Enchantments
72 AR, HP+383, Mana+50, AirRes+1, SpiRes+6 Drop
45 Iado Pants Picture Legs Iado Pants
Iado Pants Enchantments
72 AR, HP+717 Drop
45 Warrior Sandals Picture Feet Warrior Sandals
Warrior Sandals Enchantments
38 AR, HP+132, Str+6, Sta+2, Dex+1, EartRes+5 Drop
48 Krapey Brand Emerald Ring Picture Ring Krapey Brand Emerald Ring 30 AR, HP+200, SpiRes+3 Drop
50 Chaos Helmet Picture Head Chaos Helmet
Chaos Helmet Enchantments
.. AR, HP+.., Sta+.., EartAirRes+.. Drop
50 Chaos Legplates Picture Legs Chaos Legplates
Chaos Legplates Enchantments
150 AR, HP+1625, Sta+5 Drop
50 Chaos Boots Picture Feet Chaos Boots
Chaos Boots Enchantments
135 AR, HP+1438, Str+4, Sta+8 Drop