Here you can find an overview of quests available in this world.
If you are looking for EVENT quests (such as halloween, winter event etc), please check the specific event page.

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Who What Reward
CLA boxes check the link Money & Exp
Wandering Alchemist Suki 2x Empty Bottle 100 EXP, Suki's Dye
Chef Lee 10x Wooden Plate, 10x Eggplant, Cheese
Farmer Estovez Kill 10 Cow 1175 EXP, 20x Tasty Carrots
Professor Mas Taru Cats Eye, 10x Plain Wool, Bottle of Clear Liquid 600 EXP, 150 GP
Roadside Barry Pretty Flower 50 EXP, Ratty Shoes


Who What Reward
Farmer Green 3x Thin Belt Pattern Shelled Belt
Miffy the Kitty Tamer 1x Cat Fur Miffy's Cat Ears
Farmer Earl Kill 10 Lamb 150 EXP, Weighted Stick
Ol Man Clemmens 10x Poop 200 EXP, 125 GP
Rob Parker 15x Dog Tail 500 EXP, 500 GP, Dog Tail Necklace
Bunny Reformer Malcom Baites Kill 20 Forest Bunny or Rabid Bunny 500 EXP, Title "Bunny Slayer"
Chilly Jill 1x Campfire 600 EXP, 5x Tiny Red Potion
Chef Bee 10x Wooden Bowl, 10x Carrot, 10x Tomato 500 EXP, 9x Veggie Salad
Chef Dee 10x Wooden Plate, 10x Potato, Rabbit Corpse 500 EXP, 9x Rabbit Dinner
Chef Tee 10x Wooden Bowl, 10x Brown Beans, 10x Green Beans 300 EXP, 9x Two Bean Soup

Road to PatrianEdit

Who What Reward
Snake Eater Billy Portant 20x Snake Tongue 300EXP, 1GP

Road to IpcusEdit

Who What Reward
Chocolate Lover Seana 5x Chocolate Rabbit Corpse 500 EXP, Chocolate Bunny Ears

Shores of RenewalEdit

Who What Reward
Sickly Pete Slimy Curative Sickly Flower Hat

Mushroom CaveEdit

Who What Reward
Old Man Old Mans Cave Map 1150 EXP
Master of Riddles probably any gloves

Pirates LandingEdit

Who What Reward
Lara Soft the Pirate Raider Kill Captain Tenille Key to Booty
Booty Give Key to Booty 10k GP, Booty Bling, Booty Bling Belt
Excited Tourist Give 15x Pirate Badge

Scanty PlainEdit

Who What Reward
Bewildered Guest Nick Meeks Kill 20x Stompy Ghost 2250 EXP, Ghost Beads

Isle of MalohaEdit

Who What Reward
Hog Herder Harry 3 Sammich 900 EXP, Hogskin Belt
Jillian Just talk 5k EXP
Hugo Kill 30 Monkey, 30x Wild Slime 17k EXP
Pastry Chef Vez Buy Pear of Pie Chef Vez Bill
Mrs Slappy the Chef 1x Fresh Bluesaw Bass Hearty Fish Stew

Maloha SewersEdit

Who What Reward
Halden Kill 15 monsters each 35k EXP, Filthy Key
Palco Give him Filthy Key Filthy Key, 25k exp

Maloha TempleEdit

Who What Reward
Frances Kill Anton, Idola, Oatsart, Ehren 25k EXP, Warrior Cloak

Half Way PointEdit

Who What Reward
Fitzgerald Talk & Find Mathilda 5k EXP, 5k GP, rides to and from Lynderyn
McCoy Kill appr 125 Starfish Scroll of the Ocean Star


Who What Reward
Tiz Kill 25x Sea Snake 200 EXP, Dead Sea Snake
Zenra Kill 20x Juvenile Starfish 75 EXP, 100 GP, Starfish Dye
Benny Give Chewed Up Stick 75 EXP, 100 GP, Writing Stick
Spookra Give Pink Lily 10k EXP, Mystical Ink
Chester Give Finely Aged Cheese 75 EXP, Mouse Toy
Poof Give Mouse Toy 150 EXP, 150 GP, Yummy Apple
Gal Give Yummy Apple 175 EXP, 175 GP, Magic Dust

Dining HallEdit

Who What Reward
Chef Leroy Kill 5x Veggie Slime, Meat Slime, Fruit Slime 900 EXP, 5x Slime Mush

Dark ForestEdit

Who What Reward
Pastor Jorbs kill 20x Dark Forest Bandit Striking Belt, 10x Teleport Dark Forest
Tony the Bandit kill XX villagers (Enraged Villager or Confused Villager) 8000 EXP, Honorary Bandits Mask
Village Chief Nano kill Boss Evalas 10 HP points, 10 MP points, Imp Gloves
Shelly Meeks kill 15x Dark Forest Sage 7000 EXP, Ring of the Sages
Boss Shaddy kill Sala the Water Sprite

Renegade HideoutEdit

Who What Reward
Lady Shala Kill High Boss Lenalas and Macho Phil 10k EXP, 25HP, Title: Dark Renegade

Dank HallwayEdit

Who What Reward
Casana the Bound Give 50x Ghost Poo 15k EXP, 5k Gold, Poo Charm

Punchy's PlayhouseEdit

Who What Reward
Bear Tamer Give Rotten Rabbit Balloon Sword
Head Chef get 25x Sack of Rotten Onions, 20x Old Carrot Rotten Rabbit
Trainer kill Rocky Greasy Giant Butter Knife