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Table overviewEdit

Level Picture Sort Name Stats How
7 Earth Ring Picture Ring Earth Ring Mana+10, EarthRes+1 Vendor
7 Body Apprentice Robes 5 AR, Mana+8, Int+1, Fire&AirRes+1 Craft
10 Priest Belt Picture Belt Priest Belt 5 AR, Mana+4, Int+1, EarthRes+1 Vendor
10 Violet Gloves Picture Hands Violet Gloves 2 AR, Mana+10, Int+1 Vendor
13 Mushroom Essence Picture Shield Mushroom Essence
Mushroom Essence Enchantments
2 AR, Mana+5, Int+1, EarthRes+2 Drop
15 Priest Tee Picture Body Priest Tee 12 AR, HP+8, Mana+15, Sta+1, Int+3, Fir&Wat&Air&EarthRes+1 Vendor
15 Stunning Gloves Picture Hands Stunning Gloves 3 AR, Mana+15, Int+2 Vendor
15 Kneeling Boots Picture Feet Kneeling Boots 15 AR, HP+15, Mana+30, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+5, WatEarthRes+3 Vendor
18 Polished Wooden Shield Picture Shield Polished Wooden Shield 16 AR, HP+10, Mana+10, Sta+2, FireRes+6 Craft
20 Priest Chain Picture Necklace Priest Chain 10 AR, Mana+20, Int+2, SpiRes+3 Vendor
25 Somber Shades Picture Head Somber Shades 10 AR, HP+12, Mana+25, Str+1, Sta+2, Int+3, FireRes+1, SpiRes+4 Vendor
25 Fine Silk Robe Picture Body Fine Silk Robe 20 AR, HP+5, Mana+25, Sta+3, Int+4, FireAirRes+2 Craft
25 Priest Gem Picture Shield Priest Gem
Priest Gem Enchantments
10 AR, Mana+30, Int+3, SpellDmg+5% Drop
30 Priestly Pauldrons Picture Shoulders Priestly Pauldrons 12 AR, HP+25, Mana+10, Sta+1, Int+3, WatRes+5 Vendor
30 Weak Talisman Picture Necklace Weak Talisman
Weak Talisman Enchantments
4 AR, Mana+50, Int+4, SpiRes+4 Drop
30 Sky Robes Picture Body Sky Robes
Sky Robes Enchantments
25 AR, HP+12, Mana+35, Int+3 Drop
30 Cave Book Picture Shield Cave Book
Cave Book Enchantments
5 AR, Mana+70, Int+7, EartRes+2 Drop
35 Blessed Robes Picture Body Blessed Robes 25 AR, HP+10, Mana+60, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+9, Wat&AirRes+3 Vendor
35 Blessed Slacks Picture Legs Blessed Slacks 25 AR, HP+10, Mana+60, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+9, Wat&AirRes+3 Vendor
36 Sun Robe Picture Head Sun Robe 10 AR, Mana+85, WatRes+1 Drop
36 Holy Sun Gown Picture Body Holy Sun Gown
Holy Sun Gown Enchantments
20 AR, HP+15, Mana+90, Int+7, FireWatAirEarthSpiRes+1 Drop
38 Emerald Sun Shield Picture Shield Emerald Sun Shield
Emerald Sun Shield Enchantments
5 AR, HP+22, Mana+106, Int+7, Dex+8, FireRes+4, SpiRes+6 Drop
40 Holy Cloak Picture Back Holy Cloak 20 AR, HP+125, Mana+125,Wat&Earth&SpiRes+2, AirRes+1 Vendor
40 Forbidden Gloves Picture Hands Forbidden Gloves 13 AR, Mana+50, Int+2, SpiRes+2 Vendor
50 Blackened Holy Boots Picture Feet Blackened Holy Boots
Blackened Holy Boots Enchantments
6 AR, HP+700, Mana+800, WatEartRes+3 Drop