Class Trainer: Father Whattsit on Road to Ipcus or Father Roenar in Lynderyn
Class Spell Vendor: Priest Trainer Alyson Mayron on Road to Ipcus and Halen in Lynderyn
Class Weapons overview: Priest Weapons & Weapons
Class Armor overview: Priest Armor & Armor
Class Armor Vendor: Lenora the Priest Tailor in Ipcus


If you want to be a priest, you can learn it from Father Whattsit on Road to Ipcus (206,248) or Father Roenar in Lynderyn (316,181).

The Priest class is the healing class in Illutia. They rely heavily on health (HP) AND mana (MP) (usually mana pre-50). They gain many pre-50 healing spells, and have 2 MP regen spells : Angels Touch (+7%) and Angels Breath (+5%) To explain the % of the regen lets say you have 10,000 Hp and you regen 2% of that every regen (every second) so that is 200. The priest class is very compatible with the damage-dealing classes and is usually grouped with the Knave class for their healing spells, buff spells, and their awesome strength buff. Priests can also Group with many Mystics. Alot of mystics have 'Sold' alot of XP into hp therefore there could be another lvl 50 Mystic with around 15,000 HP while the other could have 50,000. Priests also have there place with swordsman, Swordsman or Swordys may have lots of HP so yea a mystic with 10,000 hp and you see swordy with like 80,000 doesn't mean we will survive long. Swordys do have Buffs to reduce damage they can reduce over half the damage they take. But if you can see a Swordsman taking 2,000 Damage from 10-20 Monsters that add ups to about 20,000-40,000 Damage unbuffed with there skins(reduction spells) He could cut that done to about 8,000 But he still would lose hp and it would go on until he fainted/died. But a Priest, Swordsman And Mystic Is a Very Good Combo Swordsman Takes the Blows like an Tank Mystic Deals Damage, Priest heals

Class SpellsEdit

Class Spells are sold by Priest Trainer Alyson Mayron in Road to Ipcus or other vendors.
Some spells are monster drops, this is indicated at the right side of the spell (see below).
Click the 'Info' to find out where to obtain the spell.
Double click to learn and they will be present in your spellbook (key "s").
For easy use you can drag the icon to the quickbar (key "f2" to activate/deactivate the toolbar).
The number on the quickbar corresponds to the number on your keyboard (NB: not the F-keys!).)

The following spells are available

1 Healing Touch Scroll Vendor
Info 8 Angels Breath Scroll Vendor
Info 11 Healing Winds Scroll Vendor
Info 11 Holy Seal Scroll Vendor
Info 14 Angels Touch Scroll Vendor
Info 17 Reveal Scroll Vendor
Info 20 Holy Light Scroll Vendor
Info 20 Sanctuary Scroll Vendor
Info 23 Mass Reveal Scroll Vendor
Info 26 Healing Waters Scroll Vendor
Info 29 Might of the Gods Scroll Vendor
Info 30 Scroll of Spiritual Mending Drop
Info 32 Heart of the Gods Scroll Vendor
Info 35 Kiss of the Sun Scroll Vendor
Info 35 Scroll of Holy Favor Vendor
Info 38 Speed of the Gods Scroll Vendor
Info 40 Healing Power Scroll Vendor
Info 41 Mind of the Gods Scroll Vendor
Info 44 Holy Armor Scroll Vendor
Info 45 Book of Compassionate Storms Drop
Info 47 Trust of the Gods Scroll Vendor
Info 48 Scroll of Spiritual Blessings Drop
Info 50 Greater Trust of the Gods Scroll Vendor
Info 50 Scroll of Ancient Protection Vendor
Info 50 Scroll of Health Restoration Vendor
Info 50 Scroll of Mana Restoration Vendor
Info 50 Selfless Blessing Scroll Vendor
Info 50 Ancient Healing Scroll ....
Info 50 Greater Selfless Blessing Scroll ....
Info 50 Heal of the Sages Scroll Drop
Info 50 Holy Might Scroll
Buff STR+500 Drop
Info |- |50 | |Drop