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Table overviewEdit

|- |50 | |One-Handed Blunt |Lazy Novel | |Drop
Level Picture Sort Name Stats How
5 Plain Wooden Staff Picture Two-Handed Blunt Plain Wooden Staff 5-5, 1sec, Mana+10, Int+2, WaterRes+1 Vendor
11 Quartz Staff Picture Two-Handed Pierce Quartz Staff 11-11, 1sec, Mana+25, Int+3, WaterRes+1 Vendor
11 Huge Splinter Picture Two-Handed Blunt Huge Splinter,
Huge Splinter Enchantments
11-11, 1sec, Mana+15, Int+5, FireWatAirRes+1 Drop
16 Smoldering Stick Picture Two-Handed Blunt Smoldering Stick,
Smoldering Stick Enchantments
13-13, 1.1Sec, Mana+65, Int+4, FireWatAirRes+1 Drop
24 Shadow Crystal Staff Picture Two-Handed Pierce Shadow Crystal Staff,
Shadow Crystal Staff Enchantments
15-15, 1.2sec Mana+34, Int+6, SpiRes+2 Drop
25 Mystical Staff Picture Two-Handed Pierce Mystical Staff Enchantments 13-13, 1sec, ........ Drop
25 Magic Moon Wand Picture One-Handed Pierce Magic Moon Wand 14-14, 1sec, Mana+25, Int+5 Craft
26 Twisted Staff Picture Two-Handed Blunt Twisted Staff 18-18, 1.1sec, HP+5, Mana+45, Int+2, EartRes+4, SpellDmg+1%, SpellCrit+1% Craft
34 Twisted Staff Picture Two-Handed Blunt Frosty Wooden Staff 12-12, 1 sec, Mana+217, Int+8, EartRes+5, SpellDmg+2%, SpellCrit+1% Drop
44 Gnarled Staff Picture Two-Handed Blunt Gnarled Staff 24-24, 1.1sec, HP+15, Mana+65, Int+5, EartRes+5, SpellDmg+3%, SpellCrit+3% Craft
50 Whip of Thorns Picture One-Handed Blunt Whip of Thorns 50-50, 0.9sec, HP+1000, Mana+2000, EartRes+10, SpellDam+6%, CritSpell+2% Vendor
50 Eternal Flame Medallion One-Handed Blunt Eternal Flame Medallion 30-30,1 sec, HP+120, Mana+1180, Int+5, SpellDmg+7% Drop