Below you will find a table overview of the monsters of all areas. The see the monsters of a particular area, please check the section overview per area (below).
For Monster Bosses, please check the Monster Bosses list.

Overview per AreaEdit

Please check the appropriate area page for an overview of monsters in that area.

Overview of all AreasEdit

Level Image Monster Name Area EXP
1 Lamb Lamb Patrian
Road to Patrian
2 Cat Cat Patrian
2 Mouse Mouse Scanty Plain 50
3 Fluffy Sheep Fluffy Sheep Patrian
Road to Ipcus
3 Snake Snake Patrian 90
4 Pig Pig Patrian
5 Starving Mutt Starving Mutt Ipcus
Road to Ipcus
5 Forest Bunny Forest Bunny Road to Patrian
Road to Ipcus
5 Mr Sally Mr Sally Shores of Renewal 110
5 Ferret Ferret Lynderyn
6 Cow Cow Patrian
Road to Patrian
7 Mangy Mutt Mangy Mutt Patrian
Road to Patrian
7 Spicy Snake Spicy Snake Road to Patrian
Shores of Renewal
Scanty Plain
7 Smelly Brigand Smelly Brigand Road to Ipcus 95
8 Barren Snake Barren Snake Road to Patrian
Scanty Plain
Road to Ipcus
9 Rabid Bunny Rabid Bunny Shores of Renewal
Road to Ipcus
Road to Patrian
9 Fiery Slime Fiery Slime Mushroom Cave 230
10 Mongrel Mongrel Road to Patrian 180
10 Rabble Slime Rabble Slime Mushroom Cave 391
10 Guard Slime Guard Slime Mushroom Cave 322
10 Great Mr Sally Great Mr Sally Isle of Maloha 310
10 Sea Snake Sea Snake Half Way Point
10 Juvenile Starfish Juvenile Starfish Lynderyn
10 Fruit Slime Fruit Slime Dining Hall
11 Annoyed Drifter Annoyed Drifter Scanty Plain
12 Angry Drifter Angry Drifter Scanty Plain
12 Smelly Imp Smelly Imp Road to Ipcus
Drudge Caves
13 Wild Boar Wild Boar Road to Ipcus 560
14 Chocolate Bunny Chocolate Bunny Road to Ipcus 695
14 Hog Hog Isle of Maloha 710
14 Super Imp Balloon Super Imp Balloon Drudge Caves
14 Veggie Slime Veggie Slime Dining Hall
15 Starfish Starfish Half Way Point 410
15 Imp Washer Imp Washer Drudge Caves
15 Imp Worker Imp Worker Drudge Caves
16 Pillywiggin Pillywiggin Forest of Forgiveness
Road to Ipcus
17 Monkey Monkey Isle of Maloha 1010
17 Sickly Shroom Sickly Shroom Road to Ipcus
Forest of Forgiveness
17 Snow Rabbit Snow Rabbit Askar Forest
18 Enraged Pillywiggin Enraged Pillywiggin Forest of Forgiveness
18 Meat Slime Meat Slime Dining Hall
19 Imp Warrior Imp Warrior Drudge Caves
20 Imp Ninja Imp Ninja Drudge Caves
20 Savage Boar Savage Boar Askar Forest
20 Stompy Ghost Stompy Ghost Scanty Plain
20 Not so Scary Boy Not so Scary Boy Spooky House
21 Elite Imp Guard Elite Imp Guard Drudge Caves
22 Dirty Imp Dirty Imp Drudge Caves
22 Seashore Brigand Seashore Brigand Pirates Landing
22 Wild Slime Wild Slime Isle of Maloha
22 Ruthless Swabby Ruthless Swabby Pirates Landing
22 Stabbity Imp Stabbity Imp Drudge Caves
22 Book'd Ghost Book'd Ghost Scanty Plain
23 Not so Scary Girl Not so Scary Girl Spooky House 550
24 Seaweed Lurker Seaweed Lurker Pirates Landing 620
26 Wiggly Puppy wiggly Puppy Spooky House 700
23 hp 1635 Undead Maid Undead Maid Scanty Plain 600
28 Grumpy Pirate Grumpy Pirate Pirates Landing 1200
29 Cute Kitten Cute Kitten Spooky House 750
30 Sea Slime Sea Slime Pirates Landing 1400
30 Grizzly Grizzly Askar Forest 2290
30 Sandman Sandman Pirates Landing 1200
30 Jack Underlock Jack Underlock Dark Passage 800
31 Shadow Jack Shadow Jack Dark Passage
33 Escaped Con Escaped Con Dark Passage
33 Escaped Criminal Escaped Criminal Dark Passage
34 Possessed Booty Possessed Booty Pirates Landing 2000
35 Sassy Deckhand Sassy Deckhand Pirates Landing 2200
36 Foraging Scallywag Foraging Scallywag Pirates Landing 700
36 Drunken Pirate Drunken Pirate Pirates Landing 2400
36 Pirate Wench Pirate Wench Pirates Landing 2400
37 Cranky Tourist Cranky Tourist Pirates Landing 1000
37 Rabies Infested Carnival Monkey Rabies Infested Carnival Monkey Carnival of Despair
37 Underground Dweller Underground Dweller Dark Passage 3050
39 Underground Librarian Underground Librarian Dark Passage
39 Black Rat Black Rat Maloha Sewers 3235
40 Catacomb Creeper Catabomb Creeper Maloha Sewers 1425
40 Blood Sucker Blood Sucker Maloha Sewers 1425
40 Sewer Slime Sewer Slime Maloha Sewers 4047
40 Snowman Snowman Askar Lake 1500
40 Shadow Dog Shadow Dog Dark Passage 3316
40 Devotee Devotee Maloha Temple 3440
41 Devil Dog Devil Dog Dark Passage
41 Mutated Girl Mutated Girl Dark Passage 3416
41 Mutated Man Mutated Man Dark Passage 3416
41 Black Tail Black Tail Garden Maze 4000
42 Deranged Man Deranged Man Dark Passage 3521
43 Deranged Woman Deranged Woman Dark Passage 3620
43 Follower Follower Maloha Temple 3621
45 Grey Tail Grey Tail Garden Maze 3000
45 Penguin Penguin Askar Lake 1800
45 Infected Carousel Horse Infected Carousel Horse Carnival of Despair 1700
45 Bumper Skid Bumper Skid Carnival of Despair 3875
45 Brown Rat Brown Rat Maloha Sewers 3827
45 Supporter Supporter Maloha Temple 3400
45 Decaying Man Servant Decaying Man Servant Punchy's Playhouse 3817
45 Drowned Clown Drowned Clown Punchy's Playhouse 3803
45 Extinguished Fire Juggler Extinguished Fire Juggler Punchy's Playhouse 1700
45 Cocinero Muerto Cocinero Muerto Punchy's Playhouse 3817
46 Killer Snowflake Killer Snowflake Askar Lake 2200
46 Candy of the Damned Candy of the Damned Carnival of Despair 3780
46 Undead Performer Undead Performer Punchy's Playhouse 3992
46 Ballroom Dancer Ballroom Dancer Punchy's Playhouse 3920
46 Ballroom Gentleman Ballroom Gentleman Punchy's Playhouse 2000
46 Rotten Waitress Rotten Waitress Punchy's Playhouse 3955
46 Elegant Diner Elegant Diner Punchy's Playhouse 3929
46 Closet Skeleton Closet Skeleton Punchy's Playhouse 3967
46 Trunk Skeleton Trunk Skeleton Punchy's Playhouse 2000
47 Spawn Spawn Punchy's Playhouse 4098
48 Elder Elder Maloha Temple 4102
49 Dark Forest Enforcer Dark Forest Enforcer Dark Forest 4497
49 Dark Forest Bandit Dark Forest Bandit Dark Forest 4359
50 White Tail White Tail Garden Maze 3200
50 Sewer Bat Sewer Bat Maloha Sewers 2300
50 Diseased Rat Diseased Rat Maloha Sewers 4332
50 Enraged Villager Enraged Villager Dark Forest 6503
50 Confused Villager Confused Villager Dark Forest 6320
50 Dark Forest Sage Dark Forest Sage Dark Forest 4328
50 Dark Forest Berserker Dark Forest Berserker Dark Forest 6210
50 Dark Henchman Dark Henchman Dark Forest 6450
50 Dark Warrior Dark Warrior Dark Forest 9000
50 Renegade Guardian Renegade Guardian Renegade Hideout 7500
50 Renegade Priest Renegade Priest Renegade Hideout 7125
50 Relaxing Renegade Relaxing Renegade Renegade Hideout 6750
50 Renegade Spirit Renegade Spirit Dark Hallway 8200
50 Spirit Imposter Spirit Imposter Dark Hallway 8700
50 Desperate Mage Desperate Mage Dank Hallway 10200
50 Succubus Slave Succubus Slave Dank Hallway 10400
50 Rabid Bear Rabid Bear Ghost Town 10500
50 Venomous Snake Venomous Serpent Ghost Town 9750
50 Forgotten Cow Forgotten Cow Ghost Town 10500
50 Lovable Lamb Lovable Lamb Ghost Town 9000
50 Enraged Sheep Enraged Sheep Ghost Town 10500
50 Vicious Slime Vicious Slime Ghost Town 9900
50 Rebel Swashbuckler Rebel Swashbuckler Pirates Cove
50 Rebel Worker Rebel Worker Pirates Cove
50 Loyal Rebel Loyal Rebel Pirates Cove
50 Enslaved Local Enslaved Local Pirates Cove
50 Mushroom Minion Mushroom Minion Pirates Cove
50 Nessie Pirates Cove

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