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Table overviewEdit

Level Picture Sort Name Stats How
6 Plain Dagger Picture One-Handed Pierce Plain Dagger 12-12, 0.9sec, Dex+1 Vendor
12 Red Dagger Picture One-Handed Pierce Red Dagger 13-13, 0.8sec, Mana+5, Sta+1, Dex+3 Craft
12 Pocket Knife Picture One-Handed Pierce Pocket Knife,
Pocket Knife Enchantments
13-13, 0.8sec, HP+10, Str+2, Dex+2 Drop
14 Imp Dagger Picture Fist Weapon Imp Dagger,
Imp Dagger Enchantments
14-14, 0.9sec, Dex+1 Drop
15 Imp Sword Picture One-Handed Sword Imp Sword,
Imp Sword Enchantments
15-15, 1sec, Str+1 Drop
20 Blood Dagger Picture One-Handed Pierce Blood Dagger 19-19, 0.9sec, HP+15, Sta+1, Dex+2 Craft
25 Crooked Dagger Picture One-Handed Sword Crooked Dagger,
Crooked Dagger Enchantments
21-21, 0.9sec, Dex+1 Drop
32 Light Katana Picture One-Handed Pierce Light Katana 24-24, 0.9sec, HP+25, Str+2, Sta+2, Dex+1 Craft
32 Putrid Dagger Picture One-Handed Pierce Putrid Dagger Enchantments 25-25, 0.9sec, ..... Drop
50 Contraband Ham Picture One-Handed Blunt Contraband Ham 40-40, 1sec, Mana+900, Sta+7 Vendor
50 Darkened Dagger Picture One-Handed Pierce Darkened Dagger,
Darkened Dagger Enchantments
45-45, 0.8sec, HP+50, Mana+50, WatRes+5 Drop

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