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Table overviewEdit

Level Picture Sort Name Stats How
7 Brigands Mask Picture Head Brigands Mask 2 AR, HP+10 Drop
7 Shadow Pauldrons Picture Shoulders Shadow Pauldrons 2 AR, Mana+10, Dex+1 Vendor
7 Brigands Shirt Picture Body Brigands Shirt
Brigands Shirt Enchantments
8 AR, HP+10, Dex+2 Drop
7 Risque Brigand Top Picture Body Risque Brigand Top
Risque Brigand Top Enchantments
8 AR, Dex+3 Drop
7 Plain Silver Ring Picture Ring Plain Silver Ring 1 AR, HP+5, Dex+1, SpiRes+3 Vendor
7 Brigands Pants Picture Legs Brigands Pants
Brigands Pants Enchantments
6 AR, HP+10, Dex+3, Int+1 Drop
10 Cow Skull Picture Head Cow Skull
Cow Skull Enchantments
14 AR, HP+10 Drop
10 Body Knitted Knave Shirt 10 AR, Dex+4 Craft
10 Knave Belt Picture Belt Knave Belt 5 AR, HP+4, Dex+1, SpiRes+1 Vendor
10 Hands Sleek Gloves 3 AR, Dex+3 Craft
10 Blood Gloves Picture Hands Blood Gloves 8 AR, Sta+2 Vendor
11 Shadow Cloak Picture Back Shadow Cloak 2 AR, HP+10, Mana+5, Dex+2 Vendor
12 Blood Mask Picture Head Blood Mask 8 AR, HP+24, Dex+4 Craft
13 Charred Ring Picture Ring Charred Ring
Charred Ring Enchantments
5 AR, HP+10, Sta+2 Drop
15 Imp Fist Picture Shield Imp Fist
Imp Fist Enchantments
5 AR, Str+1, Dex+1 Drop
15 Sleek Shirt Picture Body Sleek Shirt 8 AR, HP+10, Mana+10, Str+1, Sta+1, Dex+3, EarthRes+5 Vendor
15 Guilty Gloves Picture Hands Guilty Gloves 10 AR, Sta+3 Vendor
15 Sleek Shorts Picture Legs Sleek Shorts 8 AR, HP+10, Mana+10, Str+1, Sta+1, Dex+3, EarthRes+5 Vendor
15 Shiny Black Boots Picture Feet Shiny Black Boots Mana+35, Dex+3 Craft
20 Head Fine Linen Mask
Fine Linen Mask Enchantments
8 AR, HP+35, Dex+5 Drop
20 Knave Chain Picture Necklace Knave Chain 10 AR, HP+10, Mana+10, Str+1, Dex+1, WaterRes+5 Vendor
24 Seafarer Headband Picture Head Seafarer Headband 5 AR, HP+35, Mana+10, Str+2, Sta+2, Dex+2 Craft
25 Saucy Top Picture Body Saucy Top 18 AR, HP+22, Mana+15, Str+2, Sta+1, Dex+6, AirRes+3, FireRes+3 Vendor
25 Saucy Shoes Picture Feet Saucy Shoes 12 AR, HP+18, Mana+25, Str+2, Sta+1, Dex+5, EarthRes+2, WaterRes+3 Vendor
25 Knaves Slippery Shoes Picture Feet Knaves Slippery Shoes
Knaves Slippery Shoes Enchantments
5 AR, HP+30, Dex+5, SPiRes+5, CritChan+5% Drop
30 Knave Pauldrons Picture Shoulders Knave Pauldrons 12 AR, HP+25, Mana+10, Str+2, Sta+1, Dex+5, EarthRes+3, AirRes+2 Vendor
35 Rouge Mask Picture Head Rouge Mask 15 AR, HP+30, Mana+5, Str+3, Sta+1, Dex+8, AirRes+2, SpiRes+3 Vendor
35 Devils Ears Picture Head Devils Ears
Devils Ears Enchantments
20 AR, Mana+50, Sta+1, Int+1, Dex+9, FireRes+10 Drop
35 Rouge Jeans Picture Legs Rouge Jeans 20 AR, HP+5, Mana+75, Str+3, Sta+1, Dex+11, AirEarthWatRes+4, SpiRes+2 Vendor
39 Horned Battle Helm Picture Head Horned Battle Helm
Horned Battle Helm Enchantments
HP+130, Dex+7, FireEarthRes+5, MeleeDmg+6% Drop
40 Assassins Headband Picture Head Assassins Headband 30 AR, HP+35, Mana+25, Str+3, Sta+3, Dex+8, FireEartSpiRes+2 Craft
40 Stealthy Cloak Picture Back Stealthy Cloak 20 AR, HP+35, Mana+15, Str+1, Sta+2, Dex+3, AirRes+1, FireRes+2, WaterRes+2 Vendor
40 Shadow Robes Picture Body Shadow Robes
Shadow Robes Enchantments
20 AR, HP+50, Mana+40, Str+5, Sta+6, Dex+3, SpiRes+10 Drop
48 Knaves Greatest Friend Picture Ring Knaves Greatest Friend
Knaves Greatest Friend Enchantments
15 AR, HP+70, Mana+30, Str+2, Sta+2, Dex+6, SpellCrit+10% Drop
50 Darkened Knave Shirt Picture Body Darkened Knave Shirt
Darkened Knave Shirt Enchantments
50 Body Samurai Chestplate
Samurai Chestplate Enchantments
50 Legs Samurai Legplates
Samurai Legplates Enchantments
30 AR, HP+1500, Mana+1500, WatAirRes+5, see invisible Drop
50 Feet Samurai Boots
Samurai Boots Enchantments