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Table overviewEdit

Level Picture Sort Name Stats How
12 Burn Bandage Picture Fist Burn Bandage
Burn Bandage Enchantments
11-11, 0.9sec, HP+14, Str+1 Drop
20 Grumpy Claw Picture Fist Grumpy Claw
Grumpy Claw Enchantments
19-19, 0.9sec Drop
25 Imp Claw Picture Fist Imp Claw
Imp Claw Enchantments
21-21, 1sec Drop
35 Jack's Meathook Picture Fist Jack's Meathook
Jack's Meathook Enchantments
27-27, 0.9sec, Sta+3 Drop
40 File:Bear Claw Picture.jpg Fist Bear Claw 31-31, 0.9sec, Sta+2, Str+3, Int+5 Unknown
50 Tri-Blade Picture Fist Tri-Blade 450-450, 0.8sec, HP+2000, Mana+2000, SpellDam+2%, MeleeDam+5%, CritSpel+2% Vendor