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Table overviewEdit

Level Picture Sort Name Stats How
10 White Belt Picture Belt White Belt 5 AR, HP+5, Str+1, Int+3, EartRes+5 Vendor
15 Apprentice Gi Picture Body Apprentice Gi 5 AR, HP+10, Mana+20, Str+1, Sta+2, Int+3 Vendor
15 Fist Brace Picture Shield Fist Brace HP+20, Str+3, Sta+1 Vendor
15 Apprentice Shorts Picture Legs Apprentice Shorts 5 AR, HP+10, Mana+20, Str+1, Sta+2, Int+3 Vendor
20 Fist Chain Picture Necklace Fist Chain 10 AR, HP+10, Mana+10, Str+1, Sta+1, Int+1 Vendor
25 Basic Headband Picture Head Basic Headband 12 AR, HP+20, Mana+50, Str+3, Sta+2, Int+6 Vendor
25 Slimy Headband Picture Head Slimy Headband
Slimy Headband Enchantments
10 AR, HP+30, Str+3, Int+3, SpellDmg+3%, MeleeDmg+3% Drop
25 Soft Boots Picture Feet Soft Boots 10 AR, HP+20, Mana+50, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+4 Vendor
30 Fighter's Shoulderpads Picture Shoulders Fighter's Shoulderpads 10 AR, HP+25, Mana+30, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+3 Vendor
35 Advanced Gi Picture Body Advanced Gi 20 AR, HP+10, Mana+70, Str+3, Sta+2, Int+10 Vendor
35 Off the Hand Picture Shield Off the Hand
Off the Hand Enchantments
HP+40, Str+5, Sta+2 Drop
35 Advanced Shorts Picture Legs Advanced Shorts 20 AR, HP+30, Mana+50, Str+3, Sta+2, Int+8 Vendor
37 Temple Diadem Picture Head Temple Diadem
Temple Diadem Enchantments
HP+106, Mana+135, Str+7, Int+2, FireEartRes+5, MeleeCrit+1%, SpellDmg+2% Drop
37 Dangerous Temple Shoes Picture Feet Dangerous Temple Shoes
Dangerous Temple Shoes Enchantments
9 AR, HP+36, Mana+45, Str+7, Sta+3, Int+3, Fire+3 Drop
40 Light Cloak Picture Back Light Cloak 20 AR, HP+30, Mana+30, Str+1, Sta+2, Int+4, FireEartSpiRes+2, WatRes+1 Vendor
45 Spoiled Rice Hat Picture Head Spoiled Rice Hat 20 AR, HP+40, Mana+180, Str+5, Sta+2, Int+10 Drop
48 Fists Greatest Friend Picture Ring Fists Greatest Friend
Fists Greatest Friend Enchantments
.. AR, HP+.., Mana+.., Str+..,Sta+.., Int+.., SpellDmg+5%, MeleeDmg+5% Drop
50 Light Fist Shorts Picture Legs Light Fist Shorts 40 AR, HP+800, Mana+1100, Str+10, Int+10 Drop
50 Light Fist Boots Picture Feet Light Fist Boots
Light Fist Boots Enchantments
40 AR, HP+800, Mana+800, Int+10 Drop