Cleaner Lands Association Helper
Cleaner Lands Association Helper



Known CoordinatesEdit



Above these NPCs are CLA boxes in which you can deposit common drops for money or experience.


You can earn the following rewards with the following items:

Items Reward
10x Mr Sally Carcass 200 EXP & .. Gold
12x Empty Crystal Bottle 1000 EXP & .. Gold
10x Plain Wool 200 EXP & .. Gold
10x Blood 600 EXP & .. Gold
10x Ratty Ropes 200 EXP & .. Gold
10x Scrap of Leather 200 EXP & .. Gold
12x Cloth Dye Grey 1000 EXP & .. Gold
10x Penguin Fat 300 EXP & .. Gold
12x Temple Insignia 1250 EXP & .. Gold

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