Here you can find the listings of armor per class and per category. Armor consists of armor for head (hats, caps etc), necklaces, shoulders (pauldrons), back (cloaks), body (shirts, costumes, chestplates), hands (gaunlets, gloves), rings (rings, bracelets), shields, belts, legs (leg armor, shorts, pants) and feet (shoes, boots, slippers).

Class & Character Specific ArmorEdit

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Table overviewEdit

Here is a listing of armor that is wearable by all classes.

The items that can be obtained via Credits are listed in a table at the end of this page, click here

Level Picture Sort Name Stats How
1 Cat Ears Picture Head Cat Ears 5 AR, Sta+1 Craft
1 Plain Mask Picture Head Plain Mask 5 AR, WatRes+1 Craft
1 Slime Muffs Picture Head Slime Muffs 5 AR, WatRes+1 Event
1 Snowface Picture Head Snowface 5 AR, WatRes+1 Event
1 Yellow Snowface Picture Head Yellow Snowface 15 AR, HP+100, Mana+100 Event
1 Unknown Cloak Picture Back Unknown Cloak 5 AR Vendor
1 Pretty Necklace Picture Necklace Pretty Necklace 1 AR, Mana+5, SpiRes+4 Vendor
1 Pink Bra Picture Body Pink Bra None Vendor
1 Silk Nightgown Picture Body Silk Nightgown None Craft
1 Commoners Shirt Picture Body Commoners Shirt 5 AR, HP+10, Mana+5, AirRes+1 Craft
1 Commoners Pants Picture Legs Commoners Pants 5 AR, HP+10, Str+1, Sta+1 Craft
1 Filthy Pants Picture Legs Filthy Pants
Filthy Pants Enchantments
HP+5, Str+1 Drop
1 Snow Boots Picture Feet Snow Boots -- Event
5 Miffy's Cat Ears Picture Head Miffy's Cat Ears 10 AR, Mana+5, Sta+1, Int+1, FireRes+2 Quest
5 Dog Tail Necklace Picture Necklace Dog Tail Necklace 3 AR, HP+10, Mana+10, EarthRes+1 Quest
5 Dirty Merchants Glove Picture Hands Dirty Merchants Glove 4 AR, HP+15, Mana+15, SpiRes+4 Other
6 Plain Wooden Shield Picture Shield Plain Wooden Shield 4 AR, HP+10 Craft
10 Sickly Flower Hat Picture Head Sickly Flower Hat 18 AR, Sta+4, WaterRes+5 Quest
10 Yummy Cloak Picture Head Yummy Cloak 5 AR, Mana+5, Int+1, Water&AirRes+1 Craft
10 Hogs Shirt Picture Body Hogs Shirt
Hogs Shirt Enchantments
10 AR, HP+15, Mana+10, Sta+2, Water&AirRes+1 Drop
10 Grade B Farming Shirt Picture Body Grade B Farming Shirt 13 AR, HP+13, Str+1< FireRes+1 Vendor
10 Thin Belt Picture Belt Thin Belt 5 AR, HP+5, Str+1, Dex+1, EarthRes+3 Craft
11 Ratty Animal Carcass Picture Head Ratty Animal Carcass
Ratty Animal Carcass Enchantments
15 AR, HP+10, Mana+5, Str+2, Sta+1, Int+1, AirSpiRes+1 Drop
12 Mahogany Shield Picture Shield Mahogany Shield 8 AR, HP+20, FireRes+2 Craft
13 Travelers Trinket Picture Necklace Travelers Trinket
Travelers Trinket Enchantments
2 AR, Mana+20, Int+1, SpiRes+3 Drop
13 Dirty Drifters Cloak Picture Back Dirty Drifters Cloak
Dirty Drifters Cloak Enchantments
3 AR, HP+12, Mana+5, Dex+3 Drop
14 Head Chocolate Bunny Ears 20 AR, HP+15, Mana+15, Sta+2, Int+3, Water&Earth&AirRes+2 Quest
14 Belt Hogskin Belt 20 AR, HP+15, Mana+15, Str+2, Sta+1, Int+2 Quest
15 Mollys Ribbons Picture Head Mollys Ribbons 25 AR, HP+50, Mana+50, Sta+2, Int+2, WatRes+5, SpellDmg+2%, MeleeDmg+2% Event
15 Mr Sally Hat Picture Head Mr Sally Hat 18 AR, HP+20, Mana+15, Str+2, WatRes+5 Quest
15 Mollys Blanket Picture Back Mollys Blanket 20 AR, HP+25, Mana+25, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+2, Dex+2, SpellDmg+2%, MeleeDmg+2% Event
15 Necklace Ghost Beads 9 AR, HP+35, SpiRes+4 Quest
15 Fake Jewelry Picture Ring Fake Jewelry 20 AR, HP+40, Mana+40, Str+3, Sta+3, Int+4, Dex+3, SpellDmg+2%, MeleeCrit+2%, SpellCrit+2% Event
15 Shelled Belt Picture Belt Shelled Belt 15 AR, HP+15, Mana+5, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+2, Dex+1, EarthRes+4 Craft
16 Black Leather Pants Picture Legs Black Leather Pants 12 AR, HP+20, Mana+10, Str+1, Sta+1, Dex+3, EarthRes+5 Craft
20 Pumpkin Helm Picture Head Pumpkin Helm 10 AR, HP+10, Mana+10, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+2, Dex+2, WaterEartRes+2 Event
20 Cutie Cloak Picture Head Cutie Cloak 10 AR, Sta+2, Int+2, WaterRes+2, EarthRes+1, AirRes+1 Event
20 Lurker Hat Picture Head Lurker Hat 20 AR, HP+25, Mana+15, Str+3, WaterRes+6 Craft
20 Padded Cap Picture Head Padded Cap 20 AR, HP+120, Water&AirRes+5 Vendor
20 Blacksmiths Trinket Picture Necklace Blacksmiths Trinket
Blacksmiths Trinket Enchantments
25 AR, Mana+20, Sta+1, Int+2, SpiRes+3 Drop
20 Chewed Up Shoulderpads Picture Shoulders Chewed Up Shoulderpads
Chewed Up Shoulderpads Enchantments
15 AR, HP+10, Mana+10, Sta+3, Int+3, FireEartRes+3 Drop
20 Girly Top Picture Body Girly Top
Girly Top Enchantments
20 AR, HP+15, Mana+5, Sta+2, Int+5 Drop
20 Heavy Coat Picture Body Heavy Coat 20 AR, HP+120, Water&AirRes+5 Vendor
20 Body Handmade Coconut Bra 25 AR, Sta+4, Int+4, WaterRes+5 Craft
20 Snow Shoes Picture Feet Snow Shoes 20 AR, HP+120, Water&AirRes+5 Event
20 Seafarer Boots Picture Feet Seafarer Boots 5 AR, HP+20, Mana+5, Str+2, Sta+2, Dex+2 Craft
23 Seafarer Pants Picture Legs Seafarer Pants 25 AR, HP+30, Mana+20, Str+2, Sta+2, Dex+3, EarthRes+5 Craft
25 Girly Bandana Picture
Manly Bandana Picture
Head Girly Bandana
Manly Bandana
15 AR, HP+25, Mana+15, Str+1, Dex+2, WatRes+3 Drop
25 Snow Pendant Picture Necklace Snow Pendant 10 AR, HP+10, Mana+60, Int+2, Dex+2, WatRes+3, SpellDmg+2% Drop
25 Cold Sleeves Picture Shoulders Cold Sleeves
Cold Sleeves Enchantments
10 AR,HP+10, Mana+30, Sta+2, Int+2, Dex+1, WatRes+3, SpellDmg+2% Drop
25 Leather Cloak Picture Back Leather Cloak 12 AR, HP+20, Mana+20, Sta+3, Int+2, EartRes+3, AirRes+2 Craft
25 Furry Cloak Picture Back Furry Cloak 15 AR, HP+30, Mana+10, Sta+4, Int+1, Dex+3, AirRes+3, MeleeDmg+2% Drop
25 Pirate Girl Bra Picture
Pirate Guy Shirt Picture
Body Pirate Girl Bra
Pirate Guy Shirt
25 AR, Sta+3, Int+3, WatRes+6 Vendor
25 Thick Gloves Picture Hands Thick Gloves
Thick Gloves Enchantments
10 AR, HP+10, Mana+30, Int+3, Dex+2, EarthRes+3, SpellDmg+2% Drop
25 Frozen Ring Picture Ring Frozen Ring
Frozen Ring Enchantments
10 AR, HP+30, Mana+10, Str+3, Sta+3, Int+3, Dex+3, FireRes+3 Drop
25 Ring Best Friends Bracelet 14 AR, HP+20, Mana+20, Sta+1, Int+1, AirRes+2, SpiRes+4 Craft
25 Scrumptious Chocolate Picture Ring Scrumptious Chocolate
Scrumptious Chocolate Enchantments
15 AR, HP+30, Mana+30, Int+2, SpiRes+8 Event
25 Spiked Belt Picture Belt Spiked Belt 20 AR, HP+50, Mana+20, Sta+4, Dex+2, SpiRes+3, MeleeDmg+2% Drop
25 Chain Link Belt Picture Belt Chain Link Belt 23 AR, HP+20, Mana+20, Sta+2, Int+2 Craft
25 Pirate Girl Shorts Picture
Pirate Guy Shorts Picture
Legs Pirate Girl Shorts
Pirate Guy Shorts
17 AR, HP+15, Mana+20, Str+2, Dex+1, WatRes+4 Vendor
30 Living Cloak Picture Head Living Cloak 15 AR, HP+10, Mana+5, Sta+3, Int+1, WatEartAirRes+2 Craft
30 Captains Sally Picture Head Captains Sally
Captains Sally Enchantments
30 AR, HP+40, Mana+30, Str+4, WatRes+5, AirRes+2 Drop
30 Slime Earmuffs Picture Head Slime Earmuffs 40 AR, HP+60, Mana+40, Str+4, Sta+5, Int+4, Dex+6, FireEartRes+1, WatRes+4 Event
30 Zombie Ward Necklace Picture Necklace Zombie Ward Necklace 13 AR, HP+20, Mana+20, Str+1, Sta+1, Int+1, Dex+1, EartRes+1, SpiRes+3 Vendor
30 Booty Bling Picture Necklace Booty Bling 18 AR, HP+25, Mana+25, Str+2, Sta+3, Int+3, Dex+2, EartSpiRes+4 Quest
30 Tenille Plate Picture Body Tenille Plate
Tenille Plate Enchantments
40 AR, HP+90, Mana+90, Str+2, Dex+2, AirRes+3 Drop
30 Tenille Dress Picture Body Tenille Dress
Tenille Dress Enchantments
40 AR, HP+90, Mana+90, Str+2, Dex+2, AirRes+3 Drop
30 Magic Snowball Picture Shield Magic Snowball
Magic Snowball Enchantments
10 AR, HP+50, Mana+50, Str+5, Sta+3, Int+2, Dex+2, WatRes+10 Drop
30 Sky Imp Balloons Picture Shield Sky Imp Balloons 15 AR, HP+115, Mana+115, Sta+1, Int+1, SpellDmg+2%, MeleeDmg+2% Event
30 Eternal Jack Picture Shield Eternal Jack 20 AR, HP+35, Sta+5, WatRes+4 Event
30 Booty Bling Belt Picture Belt Booty Bling Belt 25 AR, HP+25, Mana+25, Sta+3, Int+3, WatRes+4 Quest
35 Jeweled Leather Cloak Picture Back Jeweled Leather Cloak 16 AR, HP+25, Mana+25, Sta+3, Int+3, EarthRes+4, AirRes+3 Craft
35 Ring of Repelling Picture Ring Ring of Repelling 8 AR, HP+12, Sta+1, Int+2, EarthRes+6 Vendor
35 Sewer Ring Picture Ring Sewer Ring
Sewer Ring Enchantments
10 AR, HP+15, Sta+2, Int+4, EarthRes+6 Drop
36 Reinforced Chain Belt Picture Belt Reinforced Chain Belt 30 AR, HP+25, Mana+25, Str+1, Sta+4, Int+2, EarthRes+3, NOT Mystic or Priest Craft
36 Bloody Shirt Picture Body Bloody Shirt 25 AR, HP+35, Mana+15, Str+4, Sta+6, Int+3, Dex+1 Craft
38 Warrior Cloak Picture Head Warrior Cloak 32 AR, HP+217, Mana+135, Str+5, Int+4 Quest
40 Dusty Cloak Picture Head Dusty Cloak 20 AR, HP+10, Mana+10, Sta+3, Int+2, WatEartAirSpiRes+2 Craft
40 Dramatic Leather Mask Picture Head Dramatic Leather Mask 24 AR, HP+19, Mana+25, Sta+3, Int+3, FireRes+3, EartRes+1, AirRes+2 Craft
40 High Performance Belt Picture Belt High Performance Belt
High Performance Belt Enchantments
25 AR, HP+75, Mana+25, Str+1, Sta+1, Int+1, EartRes+5 Drop
40 Bracelet of Valiance Picture Ring Bracelet of Valiance
Bracelet of Valiance Enchantments
Effect: Tick> Increase Hitpoints by 500, NOT Mystic Drop
40 Ring of Valiance Picture Ring Ring of Valiance
Ring of Valiance Enchantments
Effect: Tick> Increase Manapoints by 500, NOT Swordsman Drop
44 Old Clown Wig Picture Head Old Clown Wig 55 AR, HP+164, Mana+275, Str+7, Sta+7, Int+7, FireAirEartWatSpiRes+4 Event
45 Honorary Bandits Mask Picture Head Honorary Bandits Mask 25 AR, HP+35, Sta+5, Dex+5, FireWatEartAirSpiRes+5 Quest
45 Striking Belt Picture Belt Striking Belt 30 AR, HP+50, Mana+50, Str+3, Sta+5, Int+3, WatRes+4, SpiRes+2, MeleeCrit+5% Quest
47 Imp Gloves Picture Hands Imp Gloves 50 AR, HP+100, Mana+100, Str+2, Sta+5, Int+2, Dex+2, WatRes+5, SpellDmg+5% Quest
47 Ring of the Sages Picture Ring Ring of the Sages 20 AR, HP+65, Mana+65, Sta+3, Int+3, FireEartSpiRes+5, SpellDmg+2%, SpellCrit+2% Quest
48 Busted Shades Picture Head Busted Shades
Busted Shades Enchantments
20 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+2, Dex+2 Drop
48 Torn Shirt Picture Body Torn Shirt
Torn Shirt Enchantments
20 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+2, Dex+2 Drop
48 Krapey Brand Ruby Ring Picture Ring Krapey Brand Ruby Ring
Krapey Brand Ruby Ring Enchantments
25 AR, Mana+500, FireRes+15 Drop
48 Cracked Boots Picture Feet Cracked Boots
Cracked Boots Enchantments
20 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+2, Dex+2 Drop
50 Glowing Cloak Picture Head Glowing Cloak 25 AR, HP+15, Mana+10, Sta+3, Int+3, FireWatEartAirSpiRes+2 Craft
50 Dusk Headband Picture Head Dusk Headband
Dusk Headband Enchantments
.. AR, HP+.., Mana+.., Str+.., Sta+.., Int+.., Dex+.., FirWatEartAirRes+.. Drop
50 Bandana of Ipcus Picture Head Bandana of Ipcus
Bandana of Ipcus Enchantments
45 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Str+5, Sta+5, Dex+5, WatEartAirRes+5 Drop
50 Bandana of Patrian Picture Head Bandana of Patrian
Bandana of Patrian Enchantments
45 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Str+5, Sta+5, Dex+5, WatEartAirRes+5 Drop
50 Poo Charm Picture Necklace Poo Charm 40 AR, HP+100, Mana+100, Str+5, Sta+10, Int+10, Dex+5, FirWatEartAirRes+5, SpellCrit+5% Quest
50 Servant&#039;s Patch Picture Shoulders Servant's Patch 35 AR, HP+700, Mana+700, Str+5, Dex+5, FirWatSpiRes+5, SpellDmg+5%, MeleeDmg+5% Event
50 Servant&#039;s Gloves Picture Hands Servant's Gloves 35 AR, HP+300, Mana+800, Str+5, Dex+5, FirWatSpiRes+5, SpellDmg+5%, Event
50 Hallowed Skull Shield Picture Shield Hallowed Skull Shield 20 AR, HP+500, Mana+1000, Str+3, Dex+5,EartRes+15, SpellDmg+5%, MeleeDmg+5% Event
50 Dark Lady&#039;s Gown Picture Body Dark Lady's Gown
Dark Lady's Gown Enchantments
30 AR, HP+30, Mana+30, Str+3, Sta+3, Int+3, Dex+3, FirWatEartAirSpiRes+3 Drop
50 Ghostly Robes Picture Body Ghostly Robes 50 AR, HP+1500, Mana+2500, Str+5, Dex+15, WatSpiRes+15 Event
50 Batty Robes Picture Body Batty Robes 40 AR, HP+2000, Mana+2000, Str+5, Dex+5, AirRes+10. WatRes+7, SpellCrit+2% Event
Zombie Ramen Picture Head Zombie Ramen 35 AR, HP+1800, Mana+1300, Str+20, Sta+10, Int+10, Dex+2, AirRes+12 Event
Zombie Flu Mask Picture Head Zombie Flu Mask 45 AR, HP+2000, Mana+2000, Str+25, Sta+7, Int+10, Dex+7, SpiRes+15 Event

Table overview Credit ItemsEdit

These items can be obtained with Credits.

Level Picture Sort Name Stats
1 Wedding Flower Picture Head Wedding Flower 13 AR, HP+55, Mana+55, Str+2, Sta+2, Int+2, Dex+2
1 Hell Froze Over Costume Picture Head Hell Froze Over Costume 15 AR, Str+5, Sta+5, FireRes+2
1 Mushroom Helm Picture Head Mushroom Helm 20 AR, HP+125, Mana+125, Str+7, Int+5, SpellDam+2%
1 Pig Helm Picture Head Pig Helm 25 AR, HP+100, Mana+100
1 Wedding Tuxedo Picture Head Wedding Tuxedo 25 AR, HP+100, Mana+100, Int+5
1 Wings of the Monarch Picture Head Wings of the Monarch 25 AR, HP+125, Mana+125, Str+4, Int+4, Dex+5, AirRes+6
1 Shot in the Head Picture Head Shot in the Head 30 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Sta+5, Dex+5, SpiRes+6
1 Cheeky Monkey Cap Picture Head Cheeky Monkey Cap 35 AR, HP+100, Mana+150, Sta+8, Dex+8
1 Double Folded Hat Picture Head Double Folded Hat 35 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Str+4, Sta+2, Int+4, Dex+2
1 Disguise Glasses Picture Head Disguise Glasses 35 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Sta+5, Dex+5, SpiRes+6
1 Scuba Doo Picture Head Scuba Doo 35 AR, HP+400, Mana+200, Str+5, Sta+10, Int+5, Dex+10, WatRes+20, SpellDmg+3%, MeleeDmg+3%
1 Thooloo Scarf Picture Head Thooloo Scarf 35 AR, Mana+600, Str+6, Int+6, Dex+6, FirWatEartSpiRes+15, Tick>Mana+60, SpellDmg+6%
1 Bloodied Thooloo Scarf Picture Head Bloodied Thooloo Scarf 35 AR, HP+600, Str+6, Int+6, Dex+6, FirWatEartSpiRes+15, Tick>HP+60, MeleeDmg+6%
1 Hot Chick Hat Picture Head Hot Chick Hat 40 AR, HP+200, Mana+250, Str+4, Sta+4, Int+4, Dex+4, SpellCrit+2%, SpellDmg+3%
1 Rivethead Locks Picture Head Rivethead Locks 45 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Str+5, Sta+7, Int+7, Dex+6, SpellDmg+5%
1 YSS Suit Picture Head YSS Suit 50 AR, HP+350, Mana+350, Str+7, Sta+7, Int+7, Dex+7,FirSpiRes+10, SpellDmg+6%, MeleeDmg+6%
1 Panda Hat Picture Head Panda Hat 50 AR, HP+500, Mana+500, Str+15, Sta+15, Int+15, Dex+15, SpellCrit+4%, SpellDmg+5%
1 Demonic Wings Picture Head Demonic Wings 55 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Str+8, Sta+8, Int+8, Dex+8, SpiRes+10, SpellDmg+6%
1 Dragon Helm Picture Head Dragon Helm 60 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Int+5, Effect: Dragin Scales (offensive)
1 Demonic Protection Picture Head Demonic Protection 66 AR, HP+325, Mana+325, Str+11, Sta+9, Int+11, Dex+9, FirWatEarthAirSpiRes+7, SpellDmg+8%
1 Punk Wig Picture Head Punk Wig 70 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Str+10, Sta+10, SpiRes+6, SpellDmg+6%
1 Face Mask Picture Head Face Mask 75 AR, HP+250, Str+10, Sta+10, FireRes+5, Tick:HP+25,Mana+25
1 Bear Pelt Picture Head Bear Pelt 75 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Str+12, Sta+12, Int+5, Dex+5, MeleeCrit+5%
1 Mystical Bear Pelt Picture Head Mystical Bear Pelt 75 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Str+5, Sta+12, Int+12, Dex+5, SpellDmg+7%
1 Celestial Wings Picture Head Celestial Wings 75 AR, HP+300, Mana+300, Str+10, Sta+10, Int+10, Dex+10, AirSpiRes+10, SpellDmg+7%
1 Slime Transmutator Picture Necklace Slime Transmutator 15 AR, Mana+10, Str+1, Effect: Illusion Slime
1 Sheep Transmutator Picture Necklace Sheep Transmutator 15 AR, Mana+10, Str+1, Effect: Illusion Sheep
1 Demon Transmutator Picture Necklace Demon Transmutator 20 AR, HP+300, Mana+300, Str+5, Sta+5, Int+5, Dex+5, Effect: Demon Boy
1 Cat Transmutator Picture Necklace Cat Transmutator 25 AR, HP+35, Mana+35, Int+1, Dex+2, EarthRes+5, Effect: Cat
1 Penguin Costume Picture Body Penguin Costume 5 AR, WaterRes+1
1 Frog Costume Picture Body Frog Costume 5 AR, WaterRes+1
1 Wedding Dress Picture Body Wedding Dress 25 AR, HP+100, Mana+100, Int+5
1 Fire Angel Robe Picture Body Fire Angel Robe 25 AR, HP+50, Mana+50, Str+5, Sta+5, Int+1, Dex+1, FireRes+5
1 Super Nurse Costume Picture Body Super Nurse Costume 25 AR, HP+50, Mana+50, Sta+5, Int+5, Dex+5
1 Battle Gown Picture Body Battle Gown 30 AR, HP+100, Mana+100, Str+4, Sta+4, Int+4, Dex+4
1 Navy Gown Picture Body Navy Gown 30 AR, HP+100, Mana+100, Str+4, Sta+4, Int+4, Dex+4
1 Devilish Cape Picture Body Devilish Cape 35 AR, HP+125, Mana+125, Str+6, Sta+6, Int+6, SpellDmg+5%
1 Dragon Chestplate Picture Body Dragon Chestplate 70 AR, HP+270, Mana+270, Str+5, Effect: Dragon Scales (Offensive)
1 Beast Ring Picture Ring Beast Ring 10 AR, HP+75, Mana+75, MeleeDmg+5%
1 Spirit Ring Picture Ring Spirit Ring 10 AR, HP+75, Mana+75, SpellDmg+5%
1 Emblem Shield Picture Shield Emblem Shield 20 AR, HP+75, Mana+75, Dex+5
1 Holiday Wreath Picture Shield Holiday Wreath 25 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Int+5, Dex+5
1 The Happy Egg Blue Picture Shield The Happy Egg Blue 30 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Str+5, Sta+5, Int+5
1 The Happy Egg Pink Picture Shield The Happy Egg Pink 30 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Str+5, Sta+5, Int+5
1 Pie Picture Shield Pie 35 AR, HP+175, Mana+175, Str+3, Sta+3, Int+3, Dex+3, SpellDmg+5%
1 Panda Plushie Picture Shield Panda Plushie 40 AR, HP+175, Mana+175, Str+5, Sta+5, Int+5, Dex+5, WatEarthRes+5
1 Baby Monkey Picture Shield Baby Monkey 50 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Str+10, Sta+10, Wat&EarthRes+5
1 Mystical Moon Shield Picture Shield Mystical Moon Shield 50 AR, HP+225, Mana+225, Str+5, Sta+5, In+5, Dex+5, SpellCrit+5%
1 Moon Shield Picture Shield Moon Shield 50 AR, HP+225, Mana+225, Str+5, Sta+5, Int+5, Dex+5, MeleeDmg+5%
1 Royal Star Shield Picture Shield Royal Star Shield 60 AR, HP+400, Mana+400, Str+8, Sta+8, Int+8, Dex+8, MeleeCrit+6%, SpellDmg+6%
1 Dragon Legplates Picture Legs Dragon Legplates 40 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Sta+5, Effect:Dragon Scales (offensive)
1 Naga Tail Picture Legs Naga Tail 50 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Str+10, Sta+10, Int+10, SpiRes+7, SpellCrit+5%
1 Lucky Ducky Feet Picture Feet Lucky Ducky Feet 65 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Str+10, Sta+10, Int+5, SpiRes+7
1 Dragon Boots Picture Feet Dragon Boots 20 AR, HP+100, Mana+100, Dex+5, Spell:Dragon Scales
1 Bunny Slippers Picture Feet Bunny Slippers 25 AR, HP+150, Mana+150, Str+10, Int+5, MeleeCrit+7%
10 Sheepish Helm Picture Head Sheepish Helm 68 AR, HP+277, Mana+375, Str+8, Sta+8, Int+8, Dex+8, WatRes+12
15 Butterfly Mask Picture Head Butterfly Mask 50 AR, HP+100, Mana+100, TICK>HP&Mana+100, SpellDmg+5%
20 Epitome of Infamy Picture Head Epitome of Infamy 45 AR, HP+300, Mana+345, Str+7, Sta+7, Int+5, Dex+6, SpiRes+9
20 Epic Shark Picture Head Epic Shark 45 AR, HP+300, Mana+200, Str+8, Sta+7, Int+5, WatRes+7, SpiRes+5, SpellDmg+6%
20 Jrock Wig Picture Head Jrock Wig 60 AR, HP+200, Mana+200, Str+8, Sta+8, Int+8, Dex+8, EartRes+7, SpiRes+8
20 Slimin Cap Picture Head Slimin Cap 55 AR, HP+335, Mana+300, Str+7, Sta+7, Int+5, Dex+8, SpiRes+11, TICK> HP+30, Mana+30
25 Cherished Bells Picture Head Cherished Bells 55 AR, HP+250, Mana+250, Int+5, Dex+1, SpellDmg+5%
25 Cowtown Pride Hat Picture Head Cowtown Pride Hat 55 AR, HP+400, Mana+350, Str+5, Sta+4, Int+5, Dex+5, MeleeDmg+5%
25 Cherished Gown Picture Body Cherished Gown 62 AR, HP+270, Mana+270, Int+4, Dex+2, SpellDmg+5%
25 Ultimate Sock Monkey Picture Shield Ultimate Sock Monkey 50 AR, HP+300, Mana+300, Str+7, Sta+7, Int+7, Dex+7, SpellDmg+8%
25 Cherished Heels Picture Feet Cherished Heels 21 AR, HP+124, Mana+124, Int+3, Dex+1, SpellDmg+5%
25 Epoch Picture Shield Epoch 25 AR, HP+256, Mana+444, Str+8, Sta+8, Int+8, Dex+6, SpellDmg+10%
35 Grinning Star Picture Shield Grinning Star 55 AR, HP+400, Mana+400, Str+8, Sta+8, Int+8, Dex+8, SpellDmg+8%
40 Lucky Clover Picture Shield Lucky Clover 52 AR, HP+500, Mana+500, Str+8, Sta+8, Int+8, Dex+8, SpellDmg+10%
50 Pleasant Ring Picture Ring Pleasant Ring 12 AR, Mana+800, Int+6, WatRes+10, SpiRes+5, SpellCrit+2%,SpellDmg+5%, must be Priest, Mystic or Bard
50 Ancient Ring Picture Ring Ancient Ring 30 AR, HP+800, Str+20, FireRes+10, SpiRes+5, MeleeCrit+5%, MeleeDmg+2%, must be Knave or Swordsman
50 Bunny Costume Picture Head Bunny Costume 50 AR, HP+2000, Mana+2000, Str+5, Sta+2, Int+2, Dex+10, FireRes+16, SpiRes+14, SpellDmg+6%
50 Pirate Captains Hat Picture Head Pirate Captains Hat 70 AR, HP+3750, Mana+3750, Str+25,Int+15, SpellDmg+10%, Tick>Mana+1000
50 Champion&#039;s Laurels Picture Head Champion's Laurels 80 AR, HP+400, Mana+350, Str+12, Sta+10, Int+10, Dex+10, FireRes+12, SpiRes+10, SpellDmg+8%
50 Pirate Captains Gown Picture Body Pirate Captains Gown 70 AR, HP+3500, Mana+3500, Str+30, Sta+10, Int+15, SpellDmg+10%, Tick>HP+1000
50 Frostys Last Stand Picture Shield Frostys Last Stand 86 AR, HP+600,Mana+600, Str+10, Sta+10, Int+10, Dex+10